About us


Simedas is a medium-sized marketing agency which specializes in advice on and supply of disposable protective apparel to the following target groups:

  • medical institute
  • scientific laboratories
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • emergency and rescue services
  • local authorities

The products offered correspond to the highest quality criteria and are tested and certified according to current standards and guidelines.

Our Philosophy

Quality, flexibility and excellent service are our topmost priorities. Our customers know that from us they are purchasing products which are taken only from the high quality range thereby reducing complaints and returns to virtually nill, to the relief of both parties.


We have chosen to specialize in the disposable sector of work protection so that we can honestly say that Simedas is your expert partner for work protection. From initial consultation in depth to complete solutions to problem situations we provide it all. Our range of optimally compatible products is consistent with our strategy of continuous customer orientation.

Our Staff

The decisive factor in the success of our company however is the competence, knowledge and long experience of all our consultants. They know the day to day problems and so can offer our customers optimal solutions.

Our Aims

Our successful management has set clear targets for the years to come:

  • to build up and strengthen our current leading position in the field of the customersegment presently being served in Germany
  • to further develop this successful strategy in the non-German market.